01 October 2022


Founder of ModC - the evolutionary premium digital business card using NFC technology

Nathan Schokker

Melbourne based artist who has been following her passion and became globally recognised for her quirky, abstract and off beat style of paintings depicting zebras, elephants, tropical birds and much more.

Jessie Breakwell

Australia-Asia Managing Director at KP International,
Co-founder of Girls Day Out in STEM,
nominee Queensland Pearcey State Awards 2022,
Women in Technology Board Director.

Petriea Skitek

Founder & CEO at Inspire Realty
Property advisor and buyers agent with over 15 years of experience who helps people achieve financial wellbeing through smart and strategic property investments

Colin Lee

"Director, Women in Technology
Principal Solutions Architect at Shine Lawyers
Kelly's passion for innovation and emerging technology is shaped by the desire to optimise and bring value to her clients. This enabled her to develop cutting-edge solutions for her clients and transform the way women in science and technology are supported."

Kelly Addison