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A member of the MINIBOSS BUSINESS COUNCIL can become an entrepreneur, a top manager on behalf of a company or an individual, a representative of a state enterprise, as well as a representative of the state and its economic spheres of science, culture and sports, who has an active social position and strives to bring positive changes to the development of his country and region.

Membership is formalized by participation in the Council of Businessmen of the European Association of Business Development (EABD), which is an international platform for cooperation between business people for the development of entrepreneurship practices. EARB is a public organization that brings together on a voluntary basis owners and managers of small, medium and large businesses, scientific and educational institutions, founders of organizations, institutions involved in business development, as well as scientists, politicians and public figures who have made a major contribution to the development of entrepreneurship, science, culture, philanthropy and the promotion of socially responsible business in the world.

European Business Development Bureau (EBDB) - is the operator providing services under the "BUSINESS- INCUBATOR" mechanism for the International Education Network MINIBOSS. Members of National Business Councils in different countries make up the Global Business Council MINIBOSS & BIGBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS.

A member of the Council of BUSINESSMEN, demonstrating his socially responsible position, assumes obligations:
  • to maintain and grow a healthy, safe and ethical business environment in society;
  • support children's and young people's business ideas and projects on a long-term consulting basis, supporting the project from idea to implementation;
  • to be a member of the Jury of the STARTAP Forums (Jury of the Forum SRB) and give Grants to teams whose business ideas are interesting and promising;
  • be a member of the National and World Championships (on the terms of the organizers).

A member of the Council of Businessmen has the right:
  • Receive extensive PR support from EABD information partners in the form of TV stories, articles in the press, on websites, on Internet portals, SMM;
  • Place the logo of your company on all information materials of the SRB Forum, National Championship;
  • To give master classes for children and teenagers;
  • Order the MINIBOSS module for employee children (at discounted prices);
  • Participate in EABD Summits, Business Tours, Business Forums;
  • Become SPONSORS / PARTNERS of MINIBOSS Championships and Competitions in a large advertising package (on special conditions).

A member of the Council of Businessmen receives a registered CERTIFICATE as proof of status.

By supporting young entrepreneurs today, we ensure prosperity to his country tomorrow!